As well as looking for loving homes for our rescue "mutts", we are also seeking foster homes, who will help with the transition process - from abandoned / neglected / relinquished lifestyles to forever second chance families.

Fostering a dog is also a great opportunity for those who are considering getting a dog, but unsure. All we ask is you offer a loving environment for the dog and take him/her to the vet when required. We provide the food and supplies, and pay the vet bills.

Foster families are the foundation to our rescue running. The more foster families we have, the more dogs we are able to rescue.

If you are interested in getting more information regarding fostering, please contact us at

Can't foster? Consider VOLUNTEERING.

What Should I Know Before Fostering?

Foster homes help with the transition process from abandoned / neglected / relinquished lifestyles to forever second chance families.  Our fosters are the foundation of our rescue; the more foster families we have, the more dogs we are able to rescue.

What is fostering and what should I expect?
Becoming a foster parent means opening your home to a foster dog, to love and teach him/her what it’s like to live in a family environment.  The rescue provides a leash, collar, kennel and dog food with the foster dog.  Any vet expenses will be covered through the rescue at no cost to the foster home.

Many of our dogs started their lives abandoned, neglected or ill.  Fostering is a great opportunity to offer the dog a second chance at life.  It can be so rewarding to see the impact a loving home can make, and have the satisfaction of meeting the adopting family, knowing the dog is going to a safe and loving forever home.  

“Saving one dog won’t change the world, but the world will change for that dog.”  - Unknown

What do I need to become a foster parent?
Fosters provide a temporary ho e for dogs until they are adopted.  During this time, the foster dog is part of your family.  Most fosters work regular hours and participate in various activities.  It’s okay for dogs to be alone for periods of time.  We prefer that homes have fenced yards, but this is not mandatory.  

Having other pets in your home is absolutely fine.  Some dogs may not do well with other dogs, cats or kids so we place dogs that match your household.  

Responsibilities include:
• Basic training including housebreaking and crate training
• Transporting fosters to vaccine and vet appointments
• Attending adoption fairs about once a month
• Providing pictures and bios for the website

To apply for fostering, contact our Foster Coordinator at  The application process includes a short interview and home visit to ensure your home is suitable for fostering.  

How long is a dog typically in foster care?
There’s no easy answer to this question.  Sometimes a dog is adopted in a week or two; other times a dog stays in rescue for several months.  We can’t guarantee when a dog will be adopted.  What’s important is the foster dog has a loving home to live until it is adopted.  

There’s a dog on the website I like - can I foster it?
Manitoba Mutts matches each foster dog with the best suited foster home.  Some considerations include how the dog behaves with children, other dogs and cats.  We do not move dogs who are already in foster care as it tends to be stressful for the dog when they move around.  

Some people ask to foster a particular dog to “try” them out.  If you would like to take a dog on trial, you will follow the adoption process which includes a two-week adoption trial.

What if the foster dog isn’t right for our household or we can no longer foster?
We will re-home the foster dog as soon as possible.  Sometimes a foster dog has unanticipated behaviours after getting into foster care, or there are conflicts with other family pets.  

If you are able to wait a few days while we find a new foster home, this will avoid moving the dog more than necessary.  If it is urgent, we will move the dog right away.  When possible, we will connect the foster homes to coordinate a pickup/dropoff.  

How are the foster dogs adopted?
Potential adopters may meet dogs at adoption fairs or be pre-approved to meet dogs through the foster home.  Fosters must be available to meet with potential adopters and bring their dogs to adoption fairs.  Adoption applications and screening is handled by the Adoptions Coordinator.