Every dog deserves a loving home, including and especially more challenging dogs. Consider adopting a more challenging dog. By learning together you’ll strengthen your bond and you’ll also know that you’re helping a dog that otherwise may have never been given a chance. Take a chance on a ‘still wanted’ dog; you’ll be repaid in unconditional love.

For the next little while Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue is featuring some of our dogs that come with a little bagage and hoping families will see the potential these dogs hold. With the adoption of one of our "still wanted" dogs we will include a free one on one training session with The Noble Hound Dog Training. Please share their stories and consider adopting a "Still Wanted" dog, they need you.



CHLOE 1.5 year old German Shepherd X

Chloe was a Winnipeg stray and came into our care from Animal Services with slight food aggression. Being a stray, then transitioning to a kennel setting was difficult for her. She came into our care to get much needed exercise and work through her food issues.

Chloe is a puppy at heart and learning new things each and every day. With consistent rules and patience, she is realizing she doesn’t need to worry about food, that she will always be fed. This girl is so eager to learn and understand what is required of her; she just needs a chance to shine. Chloe would be great in an active, patient family. She brings a smile to anyone and everyone who meets her, and is waiting for that right family to come her way.

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